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Away From Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Friday, June 26th, 2009

As I might have mentioned before, I’ve been to NYC. It was my first time overseas, and it’s been pretty intense. In just a week I went to three concerts, three museums, a play, a movie, did the usual sightseeing, even had time left to shop and stroll through Central Park and I ate whenever I would allow myself to. Which was not very often. So yes, I left America a few pounds and dollars lighter but I’ve seen many, many things and enjoyed myself enormously.

I was lucky enough to have found a great hostel to stay, ZIP112 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It felt much more like sharing an apartment with a couple of people than staying at a hostel though, which is brilliant. Besides the great Manhattan view from the hostel’s terrace there’s much more to this neighbourhood as it’s particularly vibrant. This is where the cool kids take up residence. At night, mostly during weekends, the area really comes to life. Bedford Avenue and surrounding streets are filled with tiny shops, bars and restaurants. There’s a bohemian breeze flowing through the streets, very artsy and relaxed.
If you’re closeby or planning a trip to New York, do take the effort of jumping on the L train down one stop into Brooklyn. I’ve got some shops lined up for you if you do.

(If there’s anything else you want to know concerning the area,┬átravelling to America or anything else, leave a note!)

Academy Records
96 N 6th Street

The Future Perfect
112 N 6th Street (corner of Berry Street)

A&G Merch
111 N 6th Street

American Apparel
104 N 6th Street

Artists & Fleas
129 N 6th Street

Shoe Market
160 N 6th Street

Red Pearl
202 Bedford Ave

Mini Mini Market
218 Bedford Ave

Earwax Records
218 Bedford Ave (corner of N 6th Street)

Obviously there’s a lot more out there, and I honestly haven’t seen as much as I wish I had. Ah well, there’s always a next time!